Enjoy this selection of Charley Chump episodes, sound effects, and radio plays and broadcasts. There’s nothing better after a hard days world-saving than to sit back in front of an open fire with a glass of brandy and your favourite pipe, and listen to the wireless…

Manifestation of Yig

Here’s a sound effect I created to represent the invocation and manifestation of Yig. It employs samples taken from a World Music CD of Tibetan trumpets, ethnic flutes and reed instruments. I also recorded some chanting to add a ritualistic feel.

Charlie Visits the Doctor’s

That cheeky chappy Charlie Chump is feeling a little poorly in this episode of “Up Your Chump, Sir!”. This broadcast, live from The London Paladium, is sponsored by ‘Bubble-Monkey Soap Suds’ – Lavender cleanliness with just a hint of primate.

Charlie Joins the RAF

In this episode, Charlie proves he’s no chicken by joining the RAF. This broadcast, live from The London Paladium, is sponsored by Friendly Ernie’s Eggsellent Egg Substitute Powder Granules – Powdered egg substitute granules for every domestic, industrial and recreational eventuality.

Merry Christmas Mister Chump

Charlie has a run-in with Yog Sothoth (surely you mean his long-time nemesis, Tu’penny Cock and his side-kick Arthur. ed.) This special, live, Christmas, special, broadcast, live from The London Paladium, is sponsered by Airdale Air-raid Shelters (Airdale Air-raid Shelters).

Tea Play

All is not well in the Raj – the vicar has come for tea, the natives are revolting, and the milk has gone off. This nasty little tale of empire, bigotry and general awfulness may offend – it certainly offends me.

Winston Churchill

Our own British Bulldog addresses the House.