When You’re Smiling

Mr. Carnegie isn’t smiling. He seems a little upset.


A rather marvelous compilation movie from Badger, including clips of Welsh Vampire Hunters, POW exercise torture, and Carter and Barnes’ legendary attempt to infiltrate a cult by dressing up as a pantomime horse.

As a whole, the video asks a perennial question for Wraith games.

The answer, if you’re interested, is “Yes. Yes it is.”

Stagulhu -The Auction

One of our members was getting married so we thought we’d give him and two of his best men a stag game (instead of stripping him naked and handcuffing him to a lamppost in Wigan). Here, they’ve been sent to obtain the infamous Idol of Umboko at an underground auction. They’ve got a stash of Sudanese pounds and a ludicrous moustache. Will they make it? Thanks got to Paul for filming and editing this gem.

Questions, Questions, Questions

Here’s some footage of the late, great Dr Abel Delahay, expertly deflecting Archangel’s attempts to get some information out of him. Twelve hours later he went all to pieces. Literally.

A Well Planned Raid

Marvel as Private Baxter and Jos? execute a well planned raid on a cottage near Newbury. Ten out of ten and a gold star to both of them for their professionalism (and to the unseen Archangel for the splendid camera work). Nice uniform, too.

Madness and Mayhem

Madness and mayhem is, more often than not, the order of the day. Here’s a selection of clips from a recent scenario.

Memories of Umboko Gorge

It’s a dangerous world out there. Fortunately the players can rely on the full support and the selfless courage of the other members of their party to get them out of any sticky situations. Thomas Mulderry braves the cellar with Hilary Jones and Richard Sterling behind him all the way.

Fathoming It All Out

The first task of any game is to try to find out what the blazes is going on. This usually involves searching for clues, studying documents, a healthy amount of lateral thinking. Use the old grey matter to catch the even older green slimy, undead matter that’s lurking in the basement. Oh, and you’d better do it by nightfall…

The Debrief

Some clips of the debrief following the “Little Berwick” fiasco. Malachi Cross tries to be cool under pressure, but has problems with the capricious aerodynamics of a piece of paper, while Captain Erskine, after some initial problems concerning “Snotties”(?) answers the questions put by Denton Soames without giving anything away. Bravo!

Ich Nichten Lichten

It’s hard been a private in the Wehrmacht. You’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s freezing cold, you’ve been guarding a house for hours, and you don’t like coffee…

Banned Brothers

An homage to the men of the 82nd Airborne. Brings a tear to the eye every time…

The Mayor of Bude

The Mayor of Bude displays his rhetorical skills in this marvellous example of off-the-cuff oratory.

The Man from the Ministry

The Man from the Ministry waxes elephant on the nature of houses and a trepid reporter bimbles.

Bear Ladies

A brief respite from the traumas of occupied Wales as our intrepid party are treated to a Dreamlands breakfast by some dancing bears…

The Loop

A compilation of the various attempts the party made to raid a Secret Nazi laboratory in order to rescue Carter, who happened to be a weresnake at the time (don’t ask…). Their first seven attempts ended disastrously. Luckily for them, they were caught in a time-loop at the time.

The Three Tales

The party found refuge for the night with some Dream Vikings. Mead was drunk, cabbage eaten, and tales were told.

The Looter

Petty larceny by a player leads to a dangerous standoff.

A Friend in Sneed

Sneed accidentally reveals that Blitzer’s brother is not actually dead, merely ‘mostly dead’. Blitzer demands clarification…

Of Cabbages and Jarls…

More from the Dream Vikings as the party introduce them to the humble banana…